The second phase of the Global Eco Industrial Park Programme (GEIPP) was officially launched amidst great anticipation and enthusiasm. This collaborative effort, funded by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and implemented by the United Nations Industrial

Development Organization (UNIDO), marks a significant step forward in Indonesia’s industrial landscape. Partnering with the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia, the GEIPP initiative aims to foster sustainable industrialization while mitigating environmental impact.

Kazuo Sudo (right one) as President Director of MM2100 Industrial Park receiving the appreciation as a Pilot Project of GEIPP (Global Eco Industrial Park Programme) and RECP (Resource Efficient Cleaner Production)

One of the pioneering projects under the GEIPP umbrella is the MM2100 Industrial Town, situated in Indonesia. This industrial town serves as the first pilot project in the country, demonstrating a commitment to innovative and eco-friendly industrial practices. Remarkably, MM2100 Industrial Town has achieved the highest level of recognition, setting a commendable standard for future endeavors. With the successful completion of its initial phase, MM2100 Industrial Town is poised to continue its journey into the second phase of GEIPP, further solidifying its position as a beacon of sustainable industrial development in Indonesia.

Ibu Susi as CS & Legal Senior Manager from MM2100 Industrial Park delivering the implementation of GEIPP in MM2100

During the official launching ceremony, Ibu Susi, our CS & Legal Senior Manager representing MM2100, took the stage as one of the speakers to elucidate the implementation of GEIPP within the industrial town. Her insightful presentation highlighted MM2100’s proactive approach towards integrating green practices into its operations and underscored the pivotal role of industry leaders in driving sustainable development initiatives forward.

The high-level visit to MM2100 Industrial Town by esteemed guests from the Embassy of Switzerland in Indonesia

The recent high-level visit to MM2100 Industrial Town by esteemed guests from the Embassy of Switzerland in Indonesia and a delegation from Bern marked a pivotal moment in the early stages of GEIPP’s second phase. This visit underscored the significance of international collaboration and highlighted Switzerland’s commitment to supporting Indonesia’s industrial growth through sustainable means. The presence of dignitaries and experts provided invaluable insights and inspiration, laying the groundwork for future cooperation and exchange of best practices.

As GEIPP Phase 2 unfolds, stakeholders eagerly anticipate the impactful outcomes that lie ahead. By fostering innovation, promoting green technologies, and enhancing industrial efficiency, GEIPP aims to create a blueprint for sustainable development that can be replicated across Indonesia and beyond. The continued commitment of all partners involved, coupled with the support of government agencies and international collaborators, will be instrumental in realizing the shared vision of a greener, more prosperous industrial future for Indonesia