Our Project

MM2100 Industrial Town development area is 805 ha devided in 3 phases, Phases I: 240 ha and Phase II: 120 ha Sould Out and Phase III: 445ha Sould Out.



  • Strategic Location /Suprame Accessibility, Easy logistics /Recruitment.
  • Reliable and Stable Power Supply, Less Initial Investment /Operation Cost.
  • Advantages Soil Condition, Less Construction Cost.
  • Superior Facilities and Utilities with Reliable Support Services, Less Operation Cost.


  • Profesional Estate Management.
  • Harmonious coordination with the local and Goverment, such us MM2100 Sholarship Program.
  • Strict adherence to environmental laws




Main road; width 41 m – 50 m Secondary road; width 18 m – 20 m



Electricity supplied by PT. CIKARANG LISTRINDO, an excellent private power supply company, with unlimited capacity for any industrial requirement.

Natural Gas & Industrial Gases


Natural gas supplied through underground pipe lines by:

  • PT. Perusaaan Gas Negara (Persero)
  • Industrial Gases provided by PT. Air Liuide



Telecomunication supplied by PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia with availability up to 10.000 lines.

International direct dialing and data communications are available through leased-line provided by PT. Indosat, PT. NTT Indonesia and Icon + .

Water and Waste WTP


Industrial Water Supply Capacity;

  • Phase I & II Plant : 12,000 m3 /day
  • Phase III Plant : 30,000 m3 /day

Waste Water Treatment Capacity;

  • Phase I & II Plant : 12,000 m3 /day
  • Phase III Plant : 30,000 m3 /day

Waste Water Treadted by biological process.

Fully integrated Industrial Estate developed by PT. Megalopolis Manunggal Industrial Development (PT. MMID). Presently known as one of the best value industrial estate in Indonesia