MM2100 Industrial Town is a fully integrated Industrial Estate developed by PT. Megalopolis Manunggal Industrial Development (PT. MMID). Established in 1990 by Marubeni Corporation of Japan and the Manunggal Group of Indonesia, the estate is presently known as one of the best value industrial estate in Indonesia.

Located in a prime area in Cikarang Barat County; Bekasi Regency, West Java Province. Bekasi Regency is situated next to Jakarta Capital City. The Municipal City of Bekasi, is one of the rapidly develop urban city eastern Jakarta and a densely populated area.


To be southeast’s leading industrial estate provider based on MM2100 value ;

fairness, innovation and harmony.


To develop, manage and promote industrial estate by :

  • Providing reliable, efficient and environmental friendly facilities and amenities and outstanding support services.
  • Implementing the integrated management and service system
  • Reliable in maintaining the conductive business environment
  • Creating the best value for stakeholders and caring to social awareness and society empowerment


Quality Policy,




Occuptional Health

The company consistenly for implementing of the management aspect of quality, environment, and safety, energy, occupational health and laboratory test by :


  • Making safety and ocupational health as the priority in preventing workplace accidents and occupational diseases.
  • To comply with applicable laws and regulation related with services, environtment, energy, safety and occupational health, also commited to continuously improve in laboratory test and services based on the established standards.
  • Commited to do the environment protection by :
    a. To ensure the availability of nature sources such as water, soil and air, do saving and prevent the environment pullution.
    b. To implement the energy management system (for electricity, fuel and gas)
    c. To implement the management of hazardous waste and hazardous waste by doing 3R
    d. To contribute in conservaion of biodiversity

  • Developing the human resource and committed to do the continuous improvement of environtment system management.
  • To maximize the company’s social responsibility thru Corporate Social Responsibility and society empowerment.
  • As the national object vital, committed to maintaining security and comfort within industrial area.
  • To protect business process from disaster by implemented the BCP
  • Ensure that this policy is documented and communicated to all employee and is opened to all stakeholders.